Discover yourself

In this world we are bombarded with messages about what we should do, be and think, and how we should dress. These messages come from our family, our study centers and our friends.

Advertising tells us what to feel and want. But who are you really? And what do you really think and feel? What do you want out of life?

Find a place where you can be alone and without distractions. Spend a few minutes sitting quietly and taking deep breaths to relax and calm yourself.

Choose the Dragon that appears below and decide what materials you want to use to color it.

When you're ready, start coloring the dragon. In this case, start at the outer edges and work your way toward the center.

As you get closer to the center, allow yourself to be more and more who you really are. For example, you may be a lawyer, but inside you are an artist. Or maybe you are an office worker, but what you want is to do a manual job. Sometimes it is very difficult to be our true self. This is not an exercise in self-criticism, but in self-love.

When you get to the center, close your eyes and feel who you really are. Be aware that your true self is not an identity carved in stone, but a way of living according to your needs and your deepest values at any given moment.

When you have finished your Dragon, take a few minutes to write about your feelings and any ideas you have had.

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