The way of the kami

And without thinking every object, plant or animal became sacred,
His energy was manifested, his kami ...

And what are the kami?

One day I felt the divinity around me the birds, the rivers, the mountains
they became sacred, the ego stopped being the center, to integrate everything with it, I became conscious and discovered that each part of this universe is sacred and deserves respect and place in this world, in this cosmos.


Those are the Kami the sacred energy of every object, element and thing that inhabits this universe.

And what do dragons have to do with all this?

 Dragons are the representation of our fears, our stagnant energies and emotions that can make us sick if we do not treat them with love. By transcending those negative energies or the so-called dragons that can destroy us, we transform them into vitality, love and light. We do not fight against them, we do not destroy them, but on the contrary we dedicate time and love to get to the root of the problem and change their polarity. Our dragons are energetic manifestations that, if we know how to use and channel them, are fundamental tools for the creation and manifestation of ideas and projects in the creative process of our existential plane. 

This will help us to find our best version of each one of us our true Kami our inner teacher and by living in him and connected with the nature that surrounds us we will become energy channels to awaken more consciences.



And one day my soul opened its eyes to see the obvious what was always before me, we embarked on lives and lives trying to pursue dreams and illusions without thinking of living the here and now, our present, our magical and unique moment.

Sometimes we identify ourselves with a name, with a face and we do not realize that those same patterns in the universe are constantly repeated so when you wake up you realize that what makes you unique is your inner divinity and that within you is wisdom. of the universe and of God.

Without ego in emptiness I am only a part of that infinite consciousness that manifests itself to remind you that you must be more present more conscious, in the end that is the really only thing you have, finding yourself by seeing yourself reflected in everything is your great learning of life call it whatever you want your inner God, your spirit guide, guru, teacher. and when you find it when you become it go back to where the universe wants you to be.

Find your Kami find your guru the mixture is intense, learn with me this great gift that existence offers us for something you are here and now. breathe ...

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