Inhabit your body

Most of us only live from the neck up. Only once in a while we feel our bodies, when we must pay attention to movement or our posture. For example, in a yoga class we pay attention to our posture and balance. But actually inhabiting the body is something else. Most indigenous peoples are fully aware of their body and, at the same time, of the world around us.

But in modern urban cultures we place much more importance on mental activity and lose contact with our bodies and our environment.

To start, choose a Dragon. Then, find a time and a place where you can be alone and free from hassles.

Take a few minutes to breathe deeply, directing the air toward your belly as you breathe in. Breathe out slowly and repeat the process.

Start coloring your Dragon. As you work, start by breathing, directing the air toward your feet as you breathe in. Try to stay aware of your feet and, at the same time, the sensation of coloring. At first you may have the impression of alternating between one thing and another, but try to maintain awareness of your Dragon and your feet at the same time.

As you continue coloring the Dragon, turn your attention successively to your legs, your knees and the rest of your body, part by part. Then direct the breath to each of the parts of your body, while you continue coloring. Try to keep an awareness of the parts you have already worked with as you move on to new ones in your body. Be aware of the Dragon and the sensation of the coloring at the same time.

When you have finished coloring the Dragon, spend a few minutes meditating on the feeling that inhabiting your body gives you, while enjoying your Dragon. Try to bring this awareness into your daily life regularly.

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