Heal you in sickness

Dragons are powerful healing instruments. Coloring dragons can boost your immune system, reduce stress, fight depression, reduce pain.

If you have a disease, the work of coloring dragons can help your body to heal.

Find a place where you can be alone and without distractions. Spend a few minutes sitting quietly and taking deep breaths to relax and calm yourself. When you are ready, write about your illness and your desire to heal. Write a paragraph or two describing what you would be like if you were completely healed.

Choose the Dragon that appears below and decide what materials you want to use to color it.

When you're ready, start coloring the dragon. While you work, acknowledge your illness, but also think about the transience of things and the immense capacity of the body to heal itself.

Keep coloring and as you do, express your gratitude to all the people who are helping you in your illness. Keep in mind your family members, friends, neighbors, doctors, nurses, alternative medicine practitioners and counselors, and even your religious advisers. Feel that you are surrounded by loving and healing energy.

When you have completed your dragon, look at the colors you have chosen. check the meaning of the colors to get to know yourself a little better. expose your dragon where you can see it every day, to remind you of the wisdom of the body and the healing power of the universe.

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